Regulatory Policy Advisement

Luthin’s experts are among the most knowledgeable in the industry, spending vast amounts of time in meetings and collaboratives so that you don’t have to. Just as we can help cut through red tape, we can also provide you with the critical policy information and business intelligence that you need to make the most well-informed decisions possible.


Are the costs of electricity and gas a major cost driver for your business? Whether your firm is considering locating in New York, modifying or moving its operations there, or contemplating new lines of business, Luthin can help you to understand the complicated and ever-changing regulatory landscape surrounding energy issues in the state.

At any given time, there are literally dozens of energy policy initiatives being debated in New York. Most have the potential to impact significantly on large energy users, but few such users have the time, resources (or inclination) to dedicate staff to trying to stay on top of everything that could eventually have an impact. Luthin Associates’ job is to do just that and our Regulatory Policy Advisement services allow you to access our ongoing participation in the energy policy space at a fraction of the cost of doing so yourself.

Examples of biggest issues that will have a significant impact on the electric and gas costs and opportunities for large users include the following, those these are only a sample:

Public Service Commission

  • Reforming the Energy Vision
  • Carbon Pricing in the Energy Markets
  • The Clean Energy Standard
  • The Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Initiative
  • The Offshore Wind Initiative
  • The Value of Distributed Energy Resources
  • The Energy Storage Deployment Initiative
  • Cybersecurity Issues

Consolidated Edison

  • Standby Rates Pilot Programs
  • Distributed Generation Interconnection Incentives
  • The Interruptible Natural Gas Collaborative
  • Smart Solutions for Natural Gas Initiative
  • The Gas Demand Response Program

New York Independent System Operator

  • Integrating Public Policy/Carbon Pricing in Wholesale Markets
  • Enhancing Fuel and Energy Security
  • Climate Change Impact and Resilience Study
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Participation Model
  • Energy Storage Participation

For each of the above cases/issues, Luthin Associates can tell you what has happened to date, where things currently stand, and perhaps most importantly, where things are likely headed. We are there all the time so that you don’t have to be!