Utility Assistance

Utilities are big organizations and utility tariffs are complicated. Even sophisticated customers can have a difficult time making sense out of it all and finding the right people to answer their questions. Luthin has spent decades cultivating excellent working relationships with utility personnel at all levels and we have similarly extensive experience understanding tariffs. We can help replace confusion with clarity, arrange meetings with the right people, and help you navigate the maze to get you from here to there in a reasonable amount of time. We have seen problems that have lingered for years resolved in just a meeting or two with the right people. We can help you get from here to there as well.

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When dealing with a problem pertaining to a power or gas utility, few customers feel ready to do battle. That is where Luthin Associates comes in: we have braved for battle countless times and saved our clients millions of dollars (and many headaches) in the process. Questions abound, but the biggest can be “who do I ask?” Luthin often knows the answers, but when we do not, we always have a large network of industry connections and resources that can help. Whether you are considering the installation of a fuel cell, moving to interruptible gas service, or participating in a utility or the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) demand response program, Luthin can provide a quick answer, be your representative with the utility, or point you in the right direction to resolve it on your own.