Renewable Energy Procurement

Luthin Associates is your expert in renewable energy procurement. We assist clients in meeting their institution’s sustainability requirements, green goals, and/or attaining Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Our specialists assist organizations with identifying the appropriate levels of participation to meet their needs, at the lowest possible cost. Where renewable energy is not available from the local grid, Luthin secures Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that counter the carbon output of local power by supporting the generation of renewable power elsewhere.


Unlike many of its competitors, Luthin understands how the carbon value of RECs may vary based on the type of renewable asset (e.g., solar, wind, biomass, low impact hydro), the location of the renewable source, vintage (i.e., date of production), and other factors. To ensure that RECs represent real power production, Luthin specifies renewable resources certified by the Green-e program of the Center for Resource Solutions, which is the gold standard in the United States. As desired, Luthin can also provide carbon accounting, tracking of Solar RECs (where available), the output from nameplate renewable energy projects, and procurement of biofuel and carbon offsets (another carbon management tool).