Bill Auditing & Reporting

While many customers try to cut their energy bills by focusing on efficiency projects, significant savings may be secured without capital or operational investment. By finding and fixing billing errors, and securing lower tariff rates, Luthin Associates applies its sophisticated understanding of energy invoicing and pricing to save money.


Through decades of experience, Luthin developed a comprehensive bill reporting and analysis process that recovered, or avoided, millions of dollars in energy charges. The online energy management dashboard actively monitors energy invoices ensuring the accuracy and enforcement of tariffs and contract pricing.

To pinpoint errors, the dashboard runs monthly, quarterly, and annual consumption analyses by meter, account, and contract. Through access to our proprietary tools, Luthin, and its customers, identify outliers based on usage, load factor, and other characteristics. For one customer, Luthin found incorrect tax payments that, when refunded, amounted to more than $700,000. This service also helps customers make informed decisions regarding their energy usage and purchasing strategies. To date, Luthin Associates’ efforts in bill auditing have recovered more than $20.5 million in errors for its clients.