Utility & State Incentives

To encourage organizations to cut their energy use, utilities and state agencies provide funds that may cover 25% to 70% of an upgrade’s cost via rebate and incentive programs. Many facility executives, however, lack the time and experience needed to monitor, access, and perform the paperwork needed to secure those funds; that’s where Luthin Associates can help Utilizing its broad experience with those programs, we find appropriate grants and similar programs that fund a portion of engineering and installation costs. Through such efforts, Luthin has helped clients secure millions of dollars that helped cut the first costs of upgrades, trimming years off their payback periods.

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Through one government energy incentive program, Luthin submitted 1,078 applications that returned over $131 million dollars to its clients, yielding projected savings of almost half a billion kWh, and nearly 800,000 dekatherms (i.e., millions of Btus) of energy.