Tax Credits

Is your New York non-profit institution leaving tax money on the table? If you are reselling (allocating your utility expenses to cost centers) or sub-metering any portion of your utilities, that may indeed be the case. You may be able to recover a portion of Gross Receipts Tax (GRT).


GRT Refund Processing

Luthin Associates specializes in recouping GRT which is about 2.4% of a typical electric, gas, and steam bill. Some customers use those savings to bankroll energy efficiency measures that save even more money, without needing to resort to utilizing capital expense allocations.

Per New York State Tax Law, Luthin may be able to recover a portion of GRT for the sub-metered or resold part of your energy consumption. Utilities and energy suppliers pay that tax and pass it on to energy customers. They receive checks or credits on the accounts when they refund those charges to their customers, but the paperwork needed to secure those funds requires the utilization of our proprietary rate engine which can be too laborious and time consuming for customers.

With over a decade of experience in securing GRT refunds for many of its clients, Luthin is the leader in this field. We have developed the accounting tools, built the relationships, and streamlined the processes needed to expedite refunds. Turnaround time (which may otherwise take half a year) has been trimmed to less than two months.

Think about how much investment of time and effort it would take to cut your total energy bill by 2.4%, and then realize you can get that money faster and cheaper just by having Luthin manage this task for you!