Luthin Services: Financial Incentives

Financial Incentives

Luthin Associates helps its clients overcome the number one barrier to energy efficiency, funding. While the annual struggle to secure facility capital to make energy upgrades is a difficult exercise for all involved, Luthin has comprehensive experience securing funds to cut the first costs of these upgrades. Our complete range of services include: program selection, application processing, and arrangement of alternate financing mechanisms, such as performance contracting or leasing.

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Among the sources we can help you tap are:

  • Utility and government incentives
  • Tax credits
  • Awards associated with economic development

With broad experience and expertise in regards to all the options above, Luthin has garnered over $200 million for its clients, providing money to close holes in facility budgets and/or support cost-effective asset improvements that further burnish the bottom line. Luthin’s expertise with “pushing the paper” of such programs has proven to be an invaluable asset to its clients.

Utility & State Incentives

To encourage organizations to cut their energy use, utilities and state agencies provide funds that may cover 25% to 70% of an upgrade’s cost via rebate and incentive programs. Many facility executives, however, lack the time and experience needed to monitor, access, and perform the paperwork needed to secure those funds; that’s where Luthin Associates can help Utilizing its broad experience with those programs, we find appropriate grants and similar programs that fund a portion of engineering and installation costs. Through such efforts, Luthin has helped clients secure millions of dollars that helped cut the first costs of upgrades, trimming years off their payback periods.

Through one government energy incentive program, Luthin submitted 1,078 applications that returned over $131 million dollars to its clients, yielding projected savings of almost half a billion kWh, and nearly 800,000 dekatherms (i.e., millions of Btus) of energy.

Tax Credits

Is your New York City (NYC) non-profit institution leaving tax money on the table? If you are reselling (allocating your utility expenses to cost centers) or sub-metering any portion of your utilities, that may indeed be the case. You may be able to recover up to 100% of all Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) for this portion.

Luthin Associates specializes in recouping GRT which is about 2.4% of a typical electric, gas, and/or steam bill. Some customers use those savings to bankroll energy efficiency measures that save even more money, without needing to resort to utilizing capital expense allocations. Learn More

Economic Development Awards

Would you like to be one of those power customers who get a special discounted utility rate? Luthin Associates is your contact for that connection. Since 2000, Luthin has secured economic development rates that saved over $150 million for our clients. Some programs provide benefits for up to 15 years and may cut utility bills by 25%. Not every customer can obtain them, but you may be eligible.

Both for-profit businesses and non-profit institutions (e.g., hospitals) may qualify for one or more of the programs listed below. If your organization can commit to remaining in New York State, or adding jobs or new operations, and/or making significant local investments in their businesses, Luthin will analyze the potential savings and complete the paperwork needed to bring those savings to your bottom line. Learn More