Demand Response Evaluation

Can you imagine your utility paying you to use less of its product? It’s called “demand response” (DR) and gives electricity users options to make money while reducing strains on the electric grid. By analyzing your energy data and load profiles, Luthin Associates can help you maximize the value of participating in such programs. Luthin will help you plan workable ways to trim your load so you are well-prepared when called upon to do so.


We will identify project risks and potential revenue in conjunction with using competitive bidding to secure the lowest cost demand response service provider (DRP). Some DRPs try to take 50% (or more) of a customer’s demand response revenue as their fee, but Luthin knows how to negotiate that amount to a level that is rewarding for the facility. On behalf of clients, Luthin will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) that will select among many DRPs. We will negotiate the DR contract, and ensure financial incentives from your utility and state agencies are applied for to reduce implementation cost.

Luthin will ensure that the ESCO selected through a competitive process will recommend ways to achieve acceptable load reductions or postponements, handle dispatching of on-site generators, and identify solutions that may require engineering support (e.g., new motor controls). In addition, the ESCO selected will demonstrate knowledge of the environmental permitting required. Luthin will work with the selected ESCO to put a curtailment plan and notification system in place. If necessary, Luthin can be called on to work in tandem with an emissions contract.