Luthin Services: Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Reducing energy consumption and peak demand are surefire ways to cut costs. Luthin Associates offers many ways for improving the efficiency of your energy use. To help minimize your facility’s environmental impacts, Luthin also offers a suite of services for assessing and furthering opportunities to help preserve our future.

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Such offerings include:

  • Sustainability Energy Master Planning: A step-by-step guide to cut energy costs, improve indoor air quality, and reduce climate impacts.
  • Demand Response Evaluation: A detailed review of ways to participate in programs that pay for brief kW reductions.
  • Plant & Distributed Generation Feasibility: An independent analysis of sophisticated options for cutting energy costs at the plant level.
  • Sustainability Services:
    • Benchmarking: To compare a building’s energy use to prior years and to that of similar facilities.
    • NYC LL84 Compliance: Assisting facilities managers with the annual submission requirements for buildings greater than 25,000 Square Feet
    • Greenhouse Gas (GHG): Inventory: A standardized method for assessing an organization’s carbon footprint.
    • NYC Carbon Challenge Representation & Reporting: Handle participation in programs for reducing New York City’s carbon footprint.

Together, these services (detailed below) provide a robust program for saving money while achieving your facility’s carbon and sustainability goals.

Energy  & Sustainability Master Planning

To help a client achieve its sustainability goals, Luthin employs a holistic approach to develop a robust master plan that manages all aspects of a client’s efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction initiatives. Through in-depth consultation with clients, a roadmap is created to establish goals in a logical path, rather than performing piecemeal one-off projects.

A master plan developed by Luthin focuses on sustainable energy solutions that reduce a facility’s energy use, peak demand, and carbon footprint. To do so, we analyze your facility’s energy-related costs and operational resilience. As part of that effort, we assess existing air quality and the work environment with an eye to improve it for all who work, study or teach at your facility.

Unlike others’ efforts at master planning that focus solely on energy conservation measures (ECMs), Luthin goes a step further by reviewing energy supply opportunities. The end result is a set of achievable initiatives that offer the best returns on investment for accomplishing your facility’s’ goals. Learn More

Demand Response Evaluation

Can you imagine your utility paying you to use less of its product? It’s called “demand response” (DR) and gives electricity users options to make money while reducing strains on the electric grid. By analyzing your energy data and load profiles, Luthin Associates can help you maximize the value of participating in such programs. Luthin will help you plan workable ways to trim your load so you are well-prepared when called upon to do so.

We will identify project risks and potential revenue in conjunction with using competitive bidding to secure the lowest cost demand response service provider (DRP). Some DRPs try to take 50% (or more) of a customer’s demand response revenue as their fee, but Luthin knows how to negotiate that amount to a level that is rewarding for the facility. On behalf of clients, Luthin will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) that will select among many DRPs. We will negotiate the DR contract, and ensure financial incentives from your utility and state agencies are applied to reduce implementation cost.

Luthin will ensure that the ESCO selected through a competitive process will recommend ways to achieve acceptable load reductions or postponements, handle dispatching of on-site generators, and identify solutions that may require engineering support (e.g., new motor controls). In addition, the ESCO selected will demonstrate knowledge of the environmental permitting required. Luthin will work with the selected ESCO to put a curtailment plan and notification system in place. If necessary, Luthin can be called on to work in tandem with an emissions contract.

Plant & Distributed Generation Feasibility

When considering ways to upgrade, supplement, or replace central plant equipment, facility managers may be inundated with proposals for boilers, chillers, microgrid, co-generation, etc. Most boast that ROIs, upon a professional review, may lose some of their luster. Luthin Associates knows how to spot those that make sense and those that do not. Through lifecycle modeling that uses actual (not averaged) utility rates, Luthin develops an independent and accurate financial assessment and sensitivity analysis of new energy assets.

To ensure credibility for their proposals, vendors and investors have also availed themselves of Luthin’s expertise. Many find that such polishing of their offerings gives them a competitive advantage when presenting their products. Learn More

Sustainability Services

To help clients achieve their individual carbon reduction and sustainability goals, Luthin Associates offers a suite of services that includes:

  • Benchmarking
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory
  • Carbon Challenge Representation and Reporting

Each provides a level of understanding and involvement that demonstrates an organization’s effort to make its business and the world more sustainable places to live and work for now and in the future. Learn More