Services: Energy Procurement & Risk Management

Energy Procurement & Risk Management

It is difficult for consumers to navigate deregulated energy markets in which some of the risks include price volatility, supplier capability, contract issues, and regulatory changes. Unlike most energy consulting firms, Luthin Associates excels in managing these financial hazards with extensive experience and procedures developed over decades of working in competitive and regulatory arenas.

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Service: Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Reducing energy consumption and peak demand are surefire ways to cut costs. Luthin Associates offers many ways for improving the efficiency of your energy use. To help minimize your facility’s environmental impacts, Luthin also offers a suite of services for assessing and furthering opportunities to help preserve our future.

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Service: Regulatory Assistance

Utility & Regulatory Assistance

There is no industry in America that is more pervasively regulated than the electric power industry. From the time the construction of generation and transmission infrastructure, to the shipment of fuel to fossil-fired plants, to the distribution rates paid by end users, state and federal regulators exercise vast influence over major cost drivers. Even in states like New York where commodity supply is subject to market forces, the operation of those markets is subject to extensive regulation.

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Service: Financial Incentives

Financial Incentives

Luthin Associates helps its clients overcome the number one barrier to energy efficiency, funding. While the annual struggle to secure facility capital to make energy upgrades is a difficult exercise for all involved, Luthin has comprehensive experience securing funds to cut the first costs of these upgrades. Our complete range of services include: program selection, application processing, and arrangement of alternate financing mechanisms, such as performance contracting or leasing.

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