Luthin Associates, Inc. is a New Jersey based consulting firm serving the New York Metropolitan area and national clientele with a variety of energy management services. Our core business includes energy procurement, energy portfolio management, contract development and negotiation and customer education in deregulated commodity markets. Our clients include major universities, state and local governments, real estate and industrial/commercial facilities. We have over 200 years of collective experience in energy, finance, engineering and project management. We are searching for a new member to join our team and help our clients build a more sustainable future.

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CareersMarch 15, 2018

Social Media Internship

This is a part-time internship position where the prospective candidate will be presented with significant challenges and a diverse range of projects found in the commercial and industrial energy sectors. She/he will also be presented with record keeping/administrative duties. The position requires the ability to coordinate work with team members (internal and external) of varied backgrounds. The ideal candidate must have an analytical mindset and logical reasoning skills.

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