Comprehensive Energy Savings

Service: Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

A major New York City medical center decided to develop a comprehensive energy cost savings program with respect to existing building locations and future construction and renovation projects. Luthin Associates was engaged to identify, analyze, and manage a wide range of energy-related cost savings opportunities. An enterprise-wide review of their capital construction plans was initiated. We also reviewed their utility bills. Central to this initiative was the exploration and identification of energy grant funding, and energy incentive program opportunities as well as energy conservation measures.

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Economic Development

Low-cost power under the NYPA Power for Jobs program was obtained in exchange for the retention and expansion of jobs. Savings of more than $3 million will be achieved versus market rates over the life of the award. Luthin Associates tracks savings on a monthly basis and provides detailed savings reports. Luthin Associates manages the entire process including expediting the issuance of rebate checks, reviewing bills to ensure accuracy and, correspondence with NYPA and the client to meet the program requirements.

After the expiration of Power for Jobs, Luthin Associates successfully obtained a Recharge NY allocation of 5 MW of low-cost hydropower from the New York Power Authority. This benefit will save them $2.8 million during its seven-year term.

A Con Edison award under their Business Incentive Rate was obtained by Luthin Associates in exchange for a gut rehabilitation of a building. The application was developed by Luthin Associates on behalf of the client.

Potential savings of $1.3 million were projected based on conservative estimates of future electric pricing and associated loads.

Bill Review

An ongoing, comprehensive electricity, steam, fossil fuel, tax, and water audit was conducted by Luthin Associates with monthly reporting developed for the client. The audit included a review of all Utility and ESCO bills, installed meters, and accounts with economic incentive awards. Luthin Associates managed the entire process and, provided regular status reporting. Overpayments of incorrect tax payments were refunded totaling more than $700,000. The client has been engaged in an ongoing negotiation with the water supplier regarding their water billing. As a preliminary reconciliation, Luthin Associates identified a $2.2 million margin between previously reported balances. Luthin Associates has to date negotiated the waiver of accrued late fees totaling approximately $900,000.

NYSERDA Incentives

NYSERDA approved a technical study developed, in part, by Luthin Associates and set aside an incentive award of $106,095 based upon completion and satisfactory on-site inspection of renovations to an existing building. Luthin Associates submitted a commissioning report prepared by a third-party provider to NYSERDA for review. Also, an emergency generator replacement project under the Peak Load Reduction Program was successfully completed and the client received an incentive check of about $125,000.