Ellen Northrup, CEP

Meet the Luthin Team: Ellen Northrup

Ellen Northrup is the Supervisor for Luthin Associates' Commodity Management Department, providing assistance with our clients' purchase of electricity and fossil fuel supply. She performs an in-depth analysis of pricing strategies and guides staff members on additional analysis in preparation for all purchase and budgeting requirements.


Ellen has vast accounting and data analysis skills that enable her to perform utility billing and supply contract performance reviews resulting in substantial cost savings for our clients. She maintains extensive databases of utility tariff rates, tax adjustments, and other cost components. Ellen also maintains our proprietary bill calc engine including all Con Ed electric tariff rate revisions in order to accurately calculate all transportation and commodity costs.

She has strong relationships with both utilities and ESCOs which is beneficial in resolving errors and disputes on behalf of our clients. She also recovered more than $3.3 million in refunds under Luthin Associates’ Gross Receipt Tax (GRT) Remissions services.

Ellen worked in the financial services industry for Morgan Stanley, KPMG Peat Marwick, and others prior to joining Luthin Associates. She studied accounting at Hunter College. Through the Association of Energy Engineers, Ellen has become a Certified Energy Procurer (CEP).