Catherine Luthin

Meet the Luthin Team: Catherine Luthin

Catherine Luthin has over 30 years of financial and energy management experience within the corporate, governmental, non–profit and regulatory environments. She is the President and Founder of Luthin Associates, an energy management consulting firm that proactively manages energy procurement and sustainability services for its clients. This is accomplished by delivering cost savings based upon innovative thinking and process improvements for the educational, healthcare and real estate industries.


Catherine also chairs and manages Consumer Power Advocates (CPA), an association of large, non-profit institutions whose primary goal is to decrease the cost of energy by focusing on regulatory decisions and programs which impact energy consumers in New York State. According to Crain’s New York Business, six of CPA’s current member hospitals are among the twenty-five largest hospitals in New York, half of which are among the top five largest hospitals in New York.

Catherine was a member of former Mayor Bloomberg’s New York City Energy Policy Task Force and is currently a member of BOMA NY’s Energy Committee, the Association of Energy Engineer’s Certified Energy Procurement Board, and she is Energy Policy Chairperson for the Association of Energy Engineer’s Council on Women and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL). Catherine has also taken leadership roles in many women mentoring programs.

In 2002 Catherine was named Energy Service Professional of the Year for the State of New York and in 2004 was named International Energy Service Professional of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). In addition, Luthin Associates has been awarded Outstanding MWBE by Anchin in 2012, as well as, Outstanding Advocacy in 2013. The company is also recognized as one of the Top 100 Diversity Businesses in New Jersey. Catherine has been a guest lecturer at CUNY’s Institute for Urban Systems, Cornell University, and Columbia University’s Environmental and Energy Policy Department. She is a results-focused and effectual leader with proven ability to develop and implement energy management initiatives within major New York institutions.

Before the founding of Luthin Associates, Catherine worked in New York City’s Office of Energy Conservation as a program manager within the Department of General Services. Here, in 1996, she organized the implementation of a $10 million natural gas contract for 12 large New York City facilities. This was one of the first deregulated energy contracts in New York and saved the City $1.3 million. As a Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DECAS) employee she also served as the City’s representative in individual negotiations with local utilities that helped shape the future of energy deregulation in New York. Catherine has interceded on behalf of her clients in every major Con Edison and National Grid rate case since 2002. She has also been a frequent intervener in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issues.

Luthin Associates’ original line of services involved managing its clients’ energy portfolios. Catherine began with a private university in New York City and currently provides energy consulting services to 30 clients. The electric load of those customers located in NYC represents approximately 4% of Con Edison’s peak electric load. In 2008, Luthin Associates began a partnership with NYSERDA. Her firm was selected to provide outreach services to the healthcare industry in New York State. In 2012, this effort was expanded to higher education, commercial real estate and retail. Currently, the firm has a contract to perform outreach for NYSERDA’s REV Campus Challenge.

As a financial energy management firm, Luthin Associates’ main focus is reducing its clients’ costs. To that end, we have helped our clients save more than $501 million in energy costs since 2000.

Catherine has an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University.