About Luthin

About Luthin Associates

Luthin Associates provides a wide array of energy consulting services to all of the industry sectors predominately in the New York tristate area. We currently conduct business in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. In addition, we are also licensed to conduct business in Maryland and Illinois.

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Catherine Luthin’s journey began in 1992 while working as a Program Manager for the New York City Office of Energy Conservation. It was there that she began to develop experience in the energy business. Catherine quickly realized that there was a void in assisting the institutional sector to manage their energy usage. In 1994, Catherine Luthin founded Luthin Associates and established a consulting contract with a private university in New York City. Another service arrangement followed shortly thereafter with Vornado Realty. This began a long career that resulted in realizing hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for our clients since 2000.

While Luthin Associates was formed, natural gas deregulation was developing. To address this opportunity, Luthin Associates became involved in its policy decisions and strategic plans. By 1997, electric deregulation began and Luthin Associates was asked to provide the customer perspective to utilities and regulators. By then, Luthin Associates added staff and regulatory services to its portfolio. On behalf of clients, we actively intervened in a variety of utility rate cases. In 1997, as such intervention was becoming an important aspect of managing costs, Catherine Luthin became Director of the New York Energy Buyers Forum, a group of large energy users. As economic development options subsequently became a major component of our business, Luthin Associates pioneered the Power for Jobs program and the Con Edison Biomedical Business Incentive Rate.

By 2001, Luthin Associates outgrew its space and purchased an office building in Avon-by-the Sea, New Jersey. Our original product line included energy procurement, regulatory matters, and economic development. By 2002, we added other energy services, including master planning and management of Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Word spread about Luthin Associates’ success and for-profit companies such as real estate and financial services organizations joined our client base. By 2007, Luthin Associates more than doubled in size. To accommodate our growing staff, in 2011 we purchased an office building in Allenhurst, New Jersey, tripling our office space.

To better represent our not-for-profit institutional clients, in 2001, Catherine Luthin founded Consumer Power Advocates (CPA). CPA’s mission is to lower energy costs for its members through representation in energy-related regulatory and legislative proceedings. CPA represents its members at the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC), the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and other agencies impacting energy costs. In such cases and hearings, CPA addresses issues having a significant impact on our members’ operating budgets. This “seat at the table” provides a unique perspective that enables us to help our clients make informed decisions.

Today, Luthin Associates offers a wide variety of services including energy procurement, bill auditing, regulatory intervention, energy engineering, benchmarking, economic development, RFP management, Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) refund processing, and sustainability planning. We stretched well beyond the borders of New York State, managing a nationwide portfolio of energy procurement services for Related Management (a national real estate portfolio).

Our Mission

Helping clients achieve total confidence in managing their energy spend (of today) and investing their capital (for tomorrow) through our extensive knowledge of utility tariff structure, regulatory intelligence, and financial modeling.


Ongoing client education is a key component of our company’s mission. Our energy market expertise enables us to present “plain English” explanations of complex energy matters, empowering our clients to make informed and defensible decisions. We focus on knowing our customers’ goals, objectives, and risk tolerance profiles while providing world-class advice and education on deregulated energy markets as well as energy and sustainability initiatives.

Future Vision

Luthin Associates has been at the forefront of energy policy and energy services for the past 26 years. Today, the energy landscape is changing rapidly to meet the demands of a world that relies more and more on technology, requires more assurances of resiliency and reliability, and requires clean energy technologies. Luthin’s future will be shaped by this “new” energy world. Not only will we adapt to these changes, but we will also be a leader in shaping energy policy and the delivery of energy services through innovative thinking and solutions, all while maintaining our core mission to be an independent consultant, providing technically proficient services in a timely and cost-effective manner to all of our clients.