LA Confidential_Summer 2019

Factoid: Changes to Environment Disclosure Labels

As estimated by NYSERDA’s Environmental Disclosure Label data for NY State, alternative sources of energy are on the rise. Comparing 2014 data to that available in 2017, hydroelectric sources went from 5% to 9%. Meanwhile, the use of natural gas went from 56% to 42%.

LA Confidential June 27, 2019

Not only are alternative sources rising, and natural gas on the decline, but CO2 levels relative to New York State went from an average of 132% in 2014 to 115% in 2017. Programs, policies and legislation such as generous energy efficiency incentives, NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act and Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) will result in increased renewables on the grid, which is a trend that we expect to continue.