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Current Initiatives

CPA is currently working on the following issues:

  • Electric and gas rate filings – Developing reasonable approaches to steam demand rates and holding Con Edison's massive electric increase in line.
  • Demand Response – Supporting proposal to change emergency generation rules to enable participation in demand response programs.
  • Business Incentive Rate (BIR) for Non-profit Bio-medical Research institutions – Working to add additional allocation of Con Edison BIR power.
  • Con Edison has requested an electric rate increase of approximately $482 million (9.5% of delivery revenue) and a gas rate increase approximately $154 million (13.4% of delivery revenue), effective January 1, 2017.
  • National Grid is asking for an increase of $397 million annually, about 14% of the total gas bill. The percent increase in delivery rates has not been determined at this time, but expect it to be as much as 25% or even more!